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Leading the way Studio One sets rules in Fitness and presents the ultimate consultant for any professional exercise leader. Cardio Concept is a new trend for the right updating to the magical world of choreography and aerobics. It creates the foundation for a secure training and success, as a result of optimum knowledge and extensive experience of the Master Trainers of Studio One.

Cardio Concept is not one more pre-choreographed ready made program. It is a method so that each class can be easily assimilable "digestible" by keeping people's interest unabated. It guarantees full classes and successful workouts since it follows proven and well-structured methods and training techniques.
The program is characterized by right technique, nonnegotiable safety, emphasing structure and optimum performance without restricting the imagination and personality of the instructor. In other words it motivates to success. Furthermore, the master trainers of STUDIO ONE recommend the most uplifting soundtracks and final songs with up to date music and methods of personal self promotion of their classes with posters and logos.

Every four months seminars of Cardio Concept add new experiences, new material and ways for successful classes. By applying the Cardio Concept method the instructor makes it easier for a client, beginner or advanced, to attend a class with ease since the method introduces him/her to the world of choreography with a simple enthusiastic and mostly efficient way.

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