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Smile and wellness, movement and action is the combination of features that make it so special and addictive for clients. Framed by strong melodic and vibrant rhythms of the international music stage, we create an atmosphere where the power of the body follows the power of breath and all these together lead to explosion...!!! Explosion of supreme emotions, that only dance can stir!

Following the freestyle philosophy the Danσ Concept is ruled by aim, methodology and flow. It constitutes the starting force for any instructor who is motivated by the clients and seeks their satisfaction through familiarity with their bodies and potentials.
Our goal is unique: To bring to light the best of them! By being near and away, beside but also in front, we give the instructor the first boost so as to create and organize his workout through proper methods and discreet control. With right cueing and coordination an instructor will be able to create simple and more complex step combinations with safety. At the same time he will be able to explore his own potentials, convey them to his/her clients with the most efficient way while expecting for a feedback.

We are about to bring change in the FITNESS world. Our primary intention and concern is to initiate rhythm and motion to anyone who trust us. Based on experience and knowledge we are ready to give you what you need more: The first step to success!

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