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Tae Box Concept™Tae Box Concept™

The philosophy of the program Tae Box the Concept is the evolution of Tae Box. It combines boxing and other types of martial arts with a unique and "explosive" way. It offers ideal physical conditioning along with inner peace and energy deriving from its explosiveness. 

The instructor who is going to be trained in this program will have the opportunity to offer with safety a workout which will meet the expectations of all participants. A client improves his physical condition, confidence, mental balance, coordination, endurance, concentration, but most of all he gradually reduces his/her fat deposits, increasing his/her bone density. Each time the workout is unique without the need to repeat the same music or even the same movements. What is more important is that the personality of the instructor is unfold and projected through variations that he can give and thus adjusting the program according to his own style. Also you are not limited as far as the choice of music is concerned or rhythm, movement or even the way an instructor should speak or move, an advantage that makes it so unique and independent.

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