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The main feature of the Run Concept is running. Just like doing an outdoor high intensity interval training workout, the Run Concept introduces the interval training indoors. There are two forms of cardiorespiratory exercise. The continuous and the interval one. The Run Concept adopts the interval one which is the fluctuation of the running intensity.

What does 'Run Concept' mean? It means improving the cardiorespiratory function by running with interval trainning indoors. It transfers the outdoor training of a runner and it adjusts it indoors but it also adjusts it to the trainees’ level. It also means increasing the percentage of calorie burning that a trainee consumes. The fitness parameters that are affected through the Run Concept are:

kardiorespiratory strength
neuromascular coordination
muscular endurance
body composition (body weight in relation to the body fat)

You can ask


  •  Can I do Run Concept being a beginner and I have never run before ?
    Run Concept is for all. It's no important if you don't know run. It's important your will to learn and become better.
  •  How many times I have to do the Run Concept?
    Run Concept is a high intensity interval training so two times a week it's ideal. If you combine it with long run, some others muscles strengthening and flexibility programs, you will see immediate results.
  •  Can I train with Run Concept in case of a knee strain?
    In Run Concept, as with all types of training, when there is a serious health issue, the doctor's approval is mandatory. If the doctor approves, then you can train and the trainer must take into consideration the existing condition.
  •  Run Concept is only outdoor program?
    One more advantage of Run Concept is that you can do it either indoors or outdoors. Surely the space is smaller but nothing prevents the program from adjusting to the available space.
  •  Can I only do Run Concept if I want to do a marathon?
    A runner who decide to run at the marathon must do such a programmatic plan that he can cover the race minimizing the negative surprises. A marathon runner must incorporate into his training both long run and high intensity interval training. Run Concept is the 1/2 of the program,so it is what can replace interval training but not long run.
  •  Run Concept is only running ?
    Run Concept is a program with it main feature of running. The structure of the lesson consists of combinations of altitude exercises,muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises.
  •  Can I only run and not do the exercises ?
    Run Concept consists of running and exercises. There is a training where you can do only running but even this must become with that particular structure.
  •  Can I take longer breaks when I get tired?
    Breaks are part of the training and they certainly have a reason to exist. In a Run Concept lesson you have to do as they are. However, if you feel tired you can reduce the intensity of exercise or running ( depending on where you are).