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FREE MOTION POWER is an idea based on the principle of E.B.C, that is conscious and controlled mobilization of the body and its parts. In dynamic classes it introduces the idea of kinetic awareness and ‘flow of motion. Synovial mobilization is complex and covers a wide range of movement patterns (kinetic motifs).The body and its parts have to perform –on an individual  context- diverse and multidimensional movements.

Strength, muscular resistance, agility and of course their interdependent combination offer classes an advantageous (‘pleiotropic’) nature. Particular emphasis is given in the ‘opening’ of movements and in the “expansion” of the body in every position.  

The music is distinguished by intense style, variety and lack of “traditional’ beat. The selection of music is so important as the choice of exercises and training parameters. The calm flow of the  rhythm of performance creates the background for observation, understanding and control of movement while promoting a complex psychosomatic serenity.

Unlike other classical and holistic strength programs FREE MOTION POWER displays a particularly ‘holistic’ character: It combines 9 of the 16 fitness parameters making  two-dimensional adjustments without distinguishing between mental and physical field. One of its  most distinguishing features is that it offers a targeted and deliberately organized introduction of clients to procedures -from the  simplest levels to the  pyramidal peak of training -  based on individual and collective feedback.

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