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The structure of the program STUDIO ONE suggests consists of 3 parts:

Warn up
Main body in two parts
Cool down. 

During warm up we use the basic steps of cardio in order to increase body temperature and contact the practitioner with basic elements of choreography. The program concludes with stretching muscle groups that will be used during the main part.  
The main part consists of standing exercises mainly for leg muscle groups lasting 20’min. and mat exercises for core 25 minutes. 

Cool down is energetic and includes a small piece of getting familiar with other classes like dance, Tae Box, Zumba or whatever the choice of the instructor. 

The scientific team of CORE CONCEPT planning programs every 4 months, will suggest something new concerning music, cueing, intensity charge and safety of clients in relation to exercise, so that an instructor can give variations depending on the level and the elements that will improve motivation and communication between instructor and clients.

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  •  What is the Core Concept?
    The most effective program for alignment and strength - strengthening of the legs, abdominals, back extensors and muscular body stabilizers.
  •  Why is Core Concept different from similar programs?
    Core Concept is the only group and personal training program that different training philosophies.
    Separated in two parts:A)Full-body functional training for 25 minutes.
    B)For those who want to go beyond the limits and change their training philosophy.
  •  Core Concept is ideal...
    FOR EVERYONE! 30' training for a beginner is ideal: It is absolutely safe and highly effective. The more advanced in the group and personal training will be pleasantly surprised as the second part use training variations that will "Take the Bodies OFF" !!
  •  What are the conditions to participate in a Core Concept Program?
    They should not have serious injuries to the legs and their spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine). Different types of chronic pathologies can be conservatively dealt by the Instructor. The trainee should contact the instructor before class.
  •  Who should definitely participate in a Core Concept Program?
    EVERYBODY!!! Two classes per week are enough for a healthy, vigorous, well-balanced and harmonious body!!!
    "Do not miss your appointment with health, strength, improvement".
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