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Cross Training Concept™Cross Training Concept™

Cross Training Concept is the new proposal in group training class. 

Strength aerobic and anaerobic training in various combinations will take you off. For all of you seeking a new challenge in your training and asking for something pioneering, cross training is suitable for you. 

With a big variety of exercises and combinations the progress of a class is continuous and gives the instructor the opportunity to continuously update his program by keeping undiminished his clients interest, making each class a new challenge. There is no monotony in a class of Cross Training. 

A certified instructor receives the basic principles and structures of a program from Master Trainers, he/she then adds his personal style and drives the class into his own paths. In this way each class is unique without trapping the instructor in a strict and copy paste performance of choreographed class, One thing is certain. Participation in a Cross Training Concept Class will change the way you face group programs until today and will transmute it into what it ought to be EXPERIENCE...

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  •  What is Cross Training Concept?
    Cross Training Concept is a detail designed and completely structured Cross Training program with scientific validity. It contains functional, cardiovascular, resistance, balance and Pilates exercises, performed for a defined time or repetitions, having music not only to motivate but at the same time to give the rhythm-pace of the exercise.
  •  Is it for everyone?
    Cross Training Concept is a program of high physical requirements and asks high training level trainees, to run safely. However, specific instructions and advice for certified trainers are provided and given, so that it can performed safely regardless of the training level from anyone.
  •  Can someone with health problem, do it?
    It depends on the problem. Orthopedic, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, may affect the safety of the training. Check with the certified trainer and he will advise you what to do or not.
  •  What will be the results for me ?
    Due to the diversity and frequent changes in the program's content, the stimulus for the trainee is multiple. Certainly, however, increased calorific burning, improved strength and aerobic capacity, fat loss, and improved body mobility is evident from the early workouts.
  •  Anything i should know before I try?
    Talk to the certified trainer. He or she, will inform you about the content and proper use of the various organs for (mat, step, bar, rope, etc.), and to receive the necessary information for you, for example, your health condition, training history, etc.
  •  Why Cross Training Concept and not another equivalent program?
    Cross Training Concept has been designed and studied to meet all the normative and scientific protocols of modern workout. By doing Cross Training Concept you know that an improvisation of a trainer's moment is not being performed. Differentially of each trainee is foreseen and corresponding variants are provided for his safety. Most important, it’s designed with respect to human body. In addition, your feedback through certified trainers, make Cross Training Concept your own program.
  •  Only Cross Training Concept or can I also do something else?
    Each workout is part of a program. Subtotal of a coaching design. A Cross Training Concept program, contains exercises of strength, mobility, functional, resistance and Pilates, is fun and has a playful form. It can be considered a complete exercise, but surely the diversity of the stimuli (running, swimming, stretching, etc.) is indispensable to every trainee. We recommend of a weekly frequency of 3 training sessions, Cross Training Concept must be your one workout.
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