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The Pilates Concept aims to present the most contemporary pilates programs based on the last developments of the method and at the same time fully contracted with the classical method. Considering safety, quality, and aesthetics of a program they will be presented PROGRESSIVELY new ideas, variations, modifications of exercises and small tips to facilitate instructors and practitioners. Classes are targeted to all levels of practitioners as they will be rated by the basic level to the most advanced. 

There will be use of small props in order to offer the instructor great variety of exercises and solutions to problems that occur when performing exercises. 

The Pilates Concept in each new program will suggest the appropriate music background, so apart from exercises each class gets the appropriate style as lounge, ambient, house and more. 

With Pilates Concept every collaborating instructor will be able from the first class to offer his or her clients a high level program not only with safety in the exercise, but also with full assimilation of the technical elements of the method. The elements of a program like exercises, clear instructions, ‘keys’ on teaching and music ensure avoidance of monotony, but also recognition of the Pilates Concept Instructor’ s professional level. 

What makes a Pilates Concept program unique is that it does not restrict clients in pre-choreographed motifs, offers a continuous updating, but most of all, it allows the instructor to create, develop and stand out in the domain of group programs.

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  •  What is Pilates concept?
    Pilates Concept is a contemporary pilates program based on the classical method and the classical principles. It is concisted by exercises of strength, mobility and flexibility, with emphasis on the core. As a program, has a specific structure , also has a lot of rythme and flowing movement. The program uses body weight and small weights up to 1,5 Kgrs.
  •  To whome does the program address to?
    It is addressed to all physical levels, because it can be modified. The instructor has the possibility to progress and degress the program according to the student’s level.
  •  Which are the benefits of the program?
    The benefits of the PIlates Concept are,an in depth core muscle strengthening, a total body strengthening, improvement of the range of motion of the joints, and flexibility of the muscles. Plus the control o breathing, icrease of concentration and body awareness. Gradually the body is getting stronger, has a better movement and is pain free. Last there is an obvious change in the way of standing. After all Pilates is an orthosomal method with direct results in body alignment, muscle symmetry and muscle balance.
  •  What is the minimum sequence for someone to attend, in order to see results?
    A minimum sequence for all programs is 3-4 times a week in order to see results. Never the less pilates can be combined with other programs. For example if you already train with other systems, you can participate in a pilates session 1-2 per week.
  •  Does it help in weight lose?
    According to anatomy, weight loss is achieved with aerobic and metabolic burn procedure. So the answer is no, not directly. But is well known that deep breathing (as used in pilates method), helps in weight control, hormones control and metabolic function. Pilates session does not ascend the levels of energy consumption, therefor the students can control their metabolism and their appetite.
  •  I have heard the expression “In 10 sessions you start to see the difference, in 20 sessions others can see the difference, in 30 session you have a whole new body”. Is this true? What did Joseph Pilates mean by that?
    Yes it is true. Joseph Pilates addresses to the body stance change. The in depth strengthening, gives the core a lift up. The neck and shoulders are in the right place, the spinal column is up in neutral position, the pelvis is in neutral position , the whole body loooks defferent. You can actually see a dramatic change in such a short term.
  •  I have a back pain problem and i have heard that the Pilates method helps. Is this true?
    Pilates is the adsolute class for the spinal column. In general it helps the spine to move and stand better in everyday activities and more. Pilates concept is a safe program that can be modified depending on the student’s physical level. Although it can help in chronic back pain, it might not be the same effective in specific cases as injuries, genetic disfigurements (scoliosis, kyfosis e.c.) or chronic trauma.
  •  Is Pilates Concept suitable for pregnant women?
    Pilates method in general is suitable for pregnant women. Pilates Concept is not. Because is a group exercise class and although it can be modified according to cases, it cannot be modified for pregnant women at the same time in the same classroom. It would be wiser to work individually.
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