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The Yoga Concept is one of the 12 specialized programs of "THE CONCEPT": A pioneering system of continuous management-education programs of GROUP FITNESS, which is an exclusive innovation of STUDIO ONE. Its role is to bring YOGA in Health clubs and in the consciousness of the practitioners in its rightful place: Instructors recommend: "Practice yoga to obtain flexibility and exercise without vibration, more gentle..." which is fine and acceptable. All that is important is to teach people that through Yoga practice one comes closer to himself. 

Through every new asana previously feared and now achieved a practitioner overcomes a phobia in his life. Each time "wrapped in asana" motionless in pain enduring patiently to pass without reacting, he actually trains himself to the difficulties life will bring in order not to get disappointed and become angry but instead to accept the lesson life is sending him.

In theConcept Yoga a practitioner learns not only to expect the pleasant aspect of life, but also not to avoid the unpleasant one. The bad day will come to an end.... Night will come and a beautiful day will finish... Night will come again... 

The Yoga Concept comes to facilitate an instructor's job as every four months he will be given a particular structure: e.g. asanas preparation for opening the heart preparation - methodology for supported, preparation for inverted asanas. Every summit will teach him not only the way but also the why... What does finally sirsasana offer? (support on the head). What are the changes in the nervous and hormonal system, in the psychology, in the natural and energy body? Clients in the Health clubs will feel confident as they will be in the hands of certified instructors. They will experience their progress from class to class. They will love Yoga, they will find themselves and see them transform.

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