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Power Cycling Concept™Power Cycling Concept™

It is based on the principles of indoor cycling using a particular way of creating a class in order to be easily understood by the instructor. According to the type of cycle, the development of each class involves all the basic techniques taught in the basic certification of STUDIO ONE. 

Each class is divided according to its training goal: 

Power Interval
Power Endurance
Power Strength
Power Recovery without changing the structure of teaching.

The combination of pre-structured teaching with the personality of an instructor, that can develop his training without being trapped, results in the creation of a product which all clients will adore from the very first minute and through amusement and recreation will achieve their training goals easily. 

Aim and objective of the program is to train an instructor and provide him with the right tools so as through continuous engagement to be able to improve, evolve and become better through a mechanism of continuous support in practical and theoretical level. It is the evolution of group programs.

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