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Common questions

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 How can i become a Concept Instructor ?
 By booking and participating a scheduled training. Choose whatever program fits on you and welcome to theConcept world!
 Do i need to have any kind of knowledge and degree to become a Concept Instructor ?
 We care about people we train and idealy we would like our theConcept instructors to have at least a basic certification on the subject. Don't hesitate to ask for more.
 Do I have to buy music on order to teach a Concept Program?
 Have in mind that theConcept Programs are pre-structured and not pre-choreography made. Every instructor is equipped with the knowledge to create a safe and effective workout under his personal music choices.
 Is it necessary to use the official theConcept logos for each program i teach ?
 Definitely. This is a brand name and gives value to everyone using it. By becoming a licensed theConcept instructor you have the right to use the official logos, gain recognition and added value for life.