Become an instructor

How can i become a Concept Instructor ?
By booking and participating a scheduled training. Choose whatever program fits on you and welcome to theConcept world!
Do i need to have any kind of knowledge and degree to become a Concept Instructor ?
We care about people we train and idealy we would like our theConcept instructors to have at least a basic certification on the subject. Don't hesitate to ask for more.
Do I have to buy music on order to teach a Concept Program?
Have in mind that theConcept Programs are pre-structured and not pre-choreography made. Every instructor is equipped with the knowledge to create a safe and effective workout under his personal music choices.
Is it necessary to use the official theConcept logos for each program i teach ?
Definitely. This is a brand name and gives value to everyone using it. By becoming a licensed theConcept instructor you have the right to use the official logos, gain recognition and added value for life.

Dans Concept™

Do I need to attend a few dance classes before participating in a Dans Concept Class ??
No, Dans Concept it is easy to follow for everyone even without any experience.
There is a different choreography every single time in D.C. Classes ?
Yes, in every single class there is a teaching of a new independent choreography .
Is Dans Concept a class ideal for “ fat burning " ?
Totally, due to its aerobic adaptations it is ideal for “ fat burning”.
Can i improve my physical condition by attending Dans Concept ?
Of course especially if there is an exercise plan combines Dans Concept with another Strength, Flexibility or Cardio Program.
Can i safely attend a Dans Concept if i am diagnosed with a musculoskeletal problem ?
If the musculoskeletal problem has been treated correctly and its in the recovery phase, then you will be able to follow the class in a safe way.
Why should I prefer Dans Concept between other Cardio classes ?
Apart the aerobic adaptations its an excellent way to learn dancing in lots of styles like: latin, house, jazz etc and it is a pleasant way to burn calories.
Does it requires any specific equipment in order to attend a Dans Concept class ?
Absolutely nothing. There is no need of equipment, just cheerfulness and liveliness.
Where can i find Dans Concept classes ?
Visit www.theconceptfitness.com and you can search all places where Dans Concept is scheduled. One is close to you!

Step Concept™

Why Step Concept and not just a regular Step Choreography class?
Because Step Concept is the most structured - pioneering - safe choreography program using two Steps ,aiming to improve the cardiovascular system and the mental uplift of the gym members.
Can beginner trainees successfully attend it?
Step Concept is designed in such a way that it can be perfectly assimilated by members who have a relevant experience in Step Choreography. It gives them the opportunity to provoke themselves in creative choreography.
Making Step Concept systematically what benefits do I have?
So many - So different benefits! Better functioning of the cardiovascular system. Burning hundreds of calories just...dancing. Post - burning continues for ... hours after the class! Improvement of kinetic model.
I'm pregnant: Can I participate in the program?
The intense movement, the continuous upgrading to Step and the fast rhythm and directional rotation do not provide the required safety to a pregnant woman. But right after childbirth ...
I'm injured in my knee. Can I watch the program?
Depending on the injury: If a post-operative stage is concerned, a complete kinetic rehabilitation must be performed by a qualified Personal Trainer under the guidance of the compentent physiotherapist and then with the agreement of the responsible doctor

Tae Box Concept™

Do I need to know martial arts to participate in Tae Box Concept?
No you do not need to. In our class we work exercises inspired from different martial arts, but with not much difficulty or previous experience in Martial Arts needed.
How many calories do I "burn" and will Tae Box Concept help me to burn fat?
The class will surely help you to burn some fat because it combines aerobic with strength training exercises for the whole body. Depending on what intensity you choose to do your class, from a very simple lesson to a fairly intense one, you can burn up to
Is the Tae Box Concept class way to difficult for me to start my training progress?
Work with the group as long as you can. If you are getting tired, catch your breath and relax. You will see that in each lesson you will feel the improvement and you will get courageous. It absolutely normal if you are getting so much tired in the first t
Is Tae Box Concept an aerobic class or is it only a body conditioning program?
This class combines the aerobic element of martial arts with fast strokes and kicks, offering
I have a problem with my knees, can I participate?
Yes, of course, but with attention to high kicks, squats and aerobic exercises, so as not to hurt the knees. The Instructor will give you the appropriate variations where necessary.
Why is the class divided into different sections - songs?
Each song corresponds to a particular structure in our training, where all together completes our coaching with the music.
Is there a use of any equipment in the Tae Box Concept?
This class is not a body conditioning course and there is usually no equipment used. It is up to the Instructor to use some very light dumbbells for the upper body and core training to isolate and increase the difficulty.

Balanced Strength Concept™

Is Balanced Strength a functional class?
Definitely. Combinations and exercises similar to your everyday life and routine. Feel alive.
Any restrictions i have to know in order to follow the class?
This class is for everyone as long as you feel healthy and visited a personal medical doctor. Ask the certified trainer if you have any questions.
Where can i find a Balanced Strength Class?
It might be closer than you think. Type it in the Find Class/Instructor button an see places available.

Core Concept™

What is the Core Concept?
The most effective program for alignment and strength - strengthening of the legs, abdominals, back extensors and muscular body stabilizers.
Why is Core Concept different from similar programs?
Core Concept is the only group and personal training program that different training philosophies. Separated in two parts:A)Full-body functional training for 25 minutes. B)For those who want to go beyond the limits and change their training philosophy.
Core Concept is ideal...
FOR EVERYONE! 30' training for a beginner is ideal: It is absolutely safe and highly effective. The more advanced in the group and personal training will be pleasantly surprised as the second part use training variations that will "Take the Bodies OFF" !!
What are the conditions to participate in a Core Concept Program?
They should not have serious injuries to the legs and their spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine). Different types of chronic pathologies can be conservatively dealt by the Instructor. The trainee should contact the instructor before class.
Who should definitely participate in a Core Concept Program?
EVERYBODY!!! Two classes per week are enough for a healthy, vigorous, well-balanced and harmonious body!!! "Do not miss your appointment with health, strength, improvement". CORE CONCEPT. BETTER WAY OF LIVING.

Cross Training Concept™

What is the Cross Training Concept?
It is a high-intensity program designed to improve many parameters (strength, strength, balance, neuromuscular junction, etc.) through co-ordinating exercises, thιs making all members of the body work at the same time.
How does the Cross training Concept differ from the same or similar programs.
The Cross training Concept is a group and personal training program that combines many different training philosophies at the same time in one lesson. It is divided into 6 rounds of 5 minutes and what makes it unique is that for each exercise it has 2 and 3 levels to be practicable by all trainees.
To which trainees is the Cross training Concept addressed?
TO EVERYONE. For beginners, level 1 is proposed which, according to the coach's correct guidance, can complete the program successfully by learning the technique of the exercises correctly. For middle and advanced level 2 is proposed, which can sometimes even reach individual limits.
What are the conditions for participation of a trainee at the Cross training Concept.
Do not have a recent serious injury to the waist band at the lower limbs and back (cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine). Different types of chronic diseases can be conservatively treated by the Instructor, but they have been updated before the program starts by the trainee.
Who should definitely try the Core Concept?
ALL!!! Especially those who want something more in their workouts, acquiring a healthy, athletic body. 2 - 3 workouts / week in one cross training Concept course imposed .. !!!

Total Body Concept™

Coming soon

Pilates Concept™

What is Pilates concept?
Pilates Concept is a contemporary pilates program based on the classical method and the classical principles. It is concisted by exercises of strength, mobility and flexibility, with emphasis on the core. As a program, has a specific structure , also has a lot of rythme and flowing movement. The program uses body weight and small weights up to 1,5 Kgrs.
To whome does the program address to?
It is addressed to all physical levels, because it can be modified. The instructor has the possibility to progress and degress the program according to the student’s level.
Which are the benefits of the program?
The benefits of the PIlates Concept are,an in depth core muscle strengthening, a total body strengthening, improvement of the range of motion of the joints, and flexibility of the muscles. Plus the control o breathing, icrease of concentration and body awareness. Gradually the body is getting stronger, has a better movement and is pain free. Last there is an obvious change in the way of standing. After all Pilates is an orthosomal method with direct results in body alignment, muscle symmetry and muscle balance.
What is the minimum sequence for someone to attend, in order to see results?
A minimum sequence for all programs is 3-4 times a week in order to see results. Never the less pilates can be combined with other programs. For example if you already train with other systems, you can participate in a pilates session 1-2 per week.
Does it help in weight lose?
According to anatomy, weight loss is achieved with aerobic and metabolic burn procedure. So the answer is no, not directly. But is well known that deep breathing (as used in pilates method), helps in weight control, hormones control and metabolic function. Pilates session does not ascend the levels of energy consumption, therefor the students can control their metabolism and their appetite.
I have heard the expression “In 10 sessions you start to see the difference, in 20 sessions others can see the difference, in 30 session you have a whole new body”. Is this true? What did Joseph Pilates mean by that?
Yes it is true. Joseph Pilates addresses to the body stance change. The in depth strengthening, gives the core a lift up. The neck and shoulders are in the right place, the spinal column is up in neutral position, the pelvis is in neutral position , the whole body loooks defferent. You can actually see a dramatic change in such a short term.
I have a back pain problem and i have heard that the Pilates method helps. Is this true?
Pilates is the adsolute class for the spinal column. In general it helps the spine to move and stand better in everyday activities and more. Pilates concept is a safe program that can be modified depending on the student’s physical level. Although it can help in chronic back pain, it might not be the same effective in specific cases as injuries, genetic disfigurements (scoliosis, kyfosis e.c.) or chronic trauma.
Is Pilates Concept suitable for pregnant women?
Pilates method in general is suitable for pregnant women. Pilates Concept is not. Because is a group exercise class and although it can be modified according to cases, it cannot be modified for pregnant women at the same time in the same classroom. It would be wiser to work individually.

Power Cycling Concept™

Is it a program for beginners ?
Power Cycling Concept can be attended by beginners. Each trainee has his / her own bicycle and has the ability to rest when he / she wishes, increase his / her resistance or reduce the pace he / she is riding the bike.
Is it a program that a trainee with a knee problem can attend?
Every practitioner has different bike setting ( saddle height, handlebar height, saddle-handlebar distance ). Τherefore the bike adjustment can be different depending on the injury.
How many calories do we consume in this program?
In every lesson we consume average from 350 to 500 calories, depending on the level of the trainee.
Can i improve my stamina by following a Power Cycling Concept class ?
Yes, it improves the cardiovascular system so as a result you can improve your stamina too.
Can I have my own rhythm during the program?
In this program each trainee has it's own bike. Therefore depending of each ones level of fitness, a different pace can be followed as instructed.
How many times, during a week is safe and efficient to attend a class ?
2-3 times per week it is an excellent way for better results.
How long does the program last ?
A Power Cycling Concept class lasts 50 minutes.
What is the special equipment needed for attending the class ?
In order to attend this program properly you need shoes with thick and single sole, a towel and a bottle of water. For trainees who need extra equipment there is special saddle with extra gel, cycling tights and indoor cycling shoes.

Stretch Concept™

Is Stretch Concept a class for everyone?
Totally. Stretching exercises recommended for everyone due to a general healthy way of living.
Can i follow Stretch Concept if i suffer from an injury?
Always contact a health physician before starting an exercise routine. He or she will give you the best direction of what you are able to do .

Yoga Concept™

Τι είναι το Yoga Concept;
To YOGA CONCEPT είναι ένα πρόγραμμα που έχει σαν στόχοι να κάνει τη yoga καθημερινή, εύχρηστη και προσιτή ώστε να μπορέσει ο κόσμος να αποκτήσει μερικά από τα σημαντικά οφέλη της. Μέσα από τις asanas και μέσα από την pranayama καθαρίζουμε το υλικό σώμα από τα μπλοκαρίσματα και διορθώνουμε την ανισορροπία των ενεργειακών και ψυχονοητικών δομών μέσα μας.
Γιατί να επιλέξω το Yoga Concept;
Επιλέγοντας Yoga Concept προχωράμε στο μονοπάτι της αυτογνωσίας, καλλιεργούμε την ενδοσκόπηση και την αναζήτηση του αληθινού πνευματικού εαυτού, κατανοούμε κάθε asana που πραγματοποιούμε, νοιώθουμε κάθε λεπτό που ζούμε. Επιλέγοντας Yoga Concept η Yoga βρίσκεται μέσα στην αίθουσα ενώνοντας όλα τα επίπεδα της ύπαρξης με μοναδικό τρόπο. ''Τελειοποιούμαστε στην τέχνη της συνειδητής στάσης (asana) όταν πλέον χωρίς προσπάθεια καταφέρνουμε την αβίαστη εκτέλεση και βιώνουμε τη σύνδεση με το αιώνιο και το άπειρο (ananta) μέσα μας..'' Yoga Sutras Patanjali II.47
Σε ποιους ασκούμενους απευθύνεται το Yoga Concept;
Σε όλους! Οι asanas μπορούν να προσαρμοστούν για όλες τις ηλικίες, ακόμη και σε άτομα με ειδικές ανάγκες. Έτσι από τη yoga μπορούν να ωφεληθούν όλοι όπως ηλικιωμένοι, παιδιά, εγκυμονούσες, και άνθρωποι με χρόνιες καρδιακές παθήσεις ανεξαρτήτου φυσικής κατάστασης.
Ποιοι πρέπει να δοκιμάσουν οπωσδήποτε το Yoga Concept;
Όσοι δεν μπορούν να διαχειριστούν την καθημερινότητα τους και νοιώθουν πελαγωμένοι καθώς μπορεί να βοηθήσει στη μείωση του στρες και επίσης μπορεί να βοηθήσει τον άνθρωπο στην καθημερινότητά του καθώς και στη βαθύτερη κατανόηση της ζωής του. Εξισορροπεί όλες τις πλευρές του ανθρώπου το φυσικό, το συναισθηματικό, τη λογική και την ψυχική πλευρά. Όλα δηλαδή τα απαραίτητα συστατικά για μια αρμονική και εμπλουτισμένη ζωή.