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STUDIO ONE, once again bets, knows how to win the bet and is about to create. The Step Concept has to face a big challenge: To bring back on stage the most famous step in the history of fitness: THE STEP. And it will soon DO SO, since all the necessary ingredients to success are reflected in the renowned master trainers of STUDIO ONE. 

The Step Concept has come back to stay and consolidate its position in the fitness room. Step training with "mild" choreography can be an excellent way of cardio workout and strengthening exercise. The Step Concept offers you the appropriate method, the right structure as well as the impeccable technique so that the practitioner can live the step experience with absolute safety. 

This is realized by continuous and progressive STEP CONCEPT seminars every four months. The seminars present new choreographies and step combinations, teaching methods and secrets that aim to not only leave satisfied the advanced clients, but also attract new ones. 

There is a method, knowledge and music through which we reach the desired effect. All new songs always updated and structured at the right rythm (bpm) generate the investment for a safe and qualitative training. 

The Step Concept does not support the lack of the instructor's personality as most market programs do. On the contrary it is a tool and valuable method leading the way so that the quality that STUDIO ONE represents becomes your personal success.

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